Addi Turbo Circular – 47″ US 10 (6mm)

Best Addi Turbo Circular – 47″ US 10 (6mm)

These knitting needles continue to be our best selling metal knitting needles here at the shop, you won’t believe how smooth and fast you’ll be able to knit! The world famous Addi Turbo needle has been a staple of professional knitters for decades. Once you knit with the Turbo, you will crave the speed, pliability, seamless join, and lightweight feel. Nickel plated brass tips will not tarnish, rust, or discolor. The flexible nylon join is extremely pliable, even right out of the package. Plus, all Addi circulars feature a LIFETIME guarantee! Our customers here at the shop prefer these ci

Addi Turbo Circular – 47″ US 10 (6mm)

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Addi Turbo Circular – 47″ US 10 (6mm) Features :

  • Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty
  • World famous design
  • Smooth join
  • Ships in 24hrs
  • Family owned and operated since 1996 Call anytime 888-320-7746
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Addi Turbo Circular – 47″ US 10 (6mm) Reviews
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